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Hill Country Guitars Summer to Fall sale

Hill Country Guitars Summer into Fall Sale Items sold as is. No trades Collings Tenor (23259) $3456 SOLD Collings D1A (24507) $3690 SOLD Collings SJ (19378) SOLD $4410 Collings DS2H (21956) $3960 Collings OM1SBCut (23010) $3750 Collings OM2HMRA (24531) SOLD $4995 Collings OM1A (22331) $3510 Collings DS1 (24873) $3240 Collings D1 (24846) $2988 Collings D1A (24720) $3510 Collings 0001A varnish (16882) $4250 Collings D1A (21703) $3510 Collings CJ35 (24990) $3895 SOLD Collings CJ (22587) SOLD $3654 Bourgeois Dread Madi (6774) $3995 Martin 000-14m $1295 SOLD Allison AJ $2700 Allison DBSB $3750

Posted: 8/23/2016

Bill Collings Story

Bill Collings moved from Ohio to Texas in the mid 1970’s. Spurred by a lack of interest in medical school, this move enabled him to combine lifelong interests in both guitars and tools into the challenge of stringed instrument building and repair. After a couple of years in Houston, several guitars and a few banjos later, he headed west to southern California. Making it only as far as Austin, he shared shops with fellow luthiers Tom Ellis and Mike Stevens. From there, he set up his own small shop in a wooden "one car" garage. His reputation for outstanding quality and meticulous attention to detail quickly spread. In 1989, he rented a 1000 square foot space and hired two helpers. That same year, an order for 24 custom "Gruhn" guitars helped to establish Bill in the national market. In late 1991, a 3200 square foot "feed store" was purchased, on the outskirts of Austin, and was occupied in the spring of 1992. By 2005, the size of the shop has tripled and he has 50 full-time employees with ground being broken for a new 22,00 square foot shop. The addition of CNC technology has helped to add a level of consistency, accuracy and safety to parts production that was previously unavailable. As the business has grown and processes refined, there is one thing that has not changed...Bill Collings’ commitment to building the finest acoustic steel string instruments possible.

Posted: 1/15/2015

Allison Instruments

Since 2003, John Allison has called Austin, Texas his instrumental home, but that year does not mark the beginning of his instrumental history. John Allison has been building and repairing guitars and other instruments for nearly 30 years. Though a native Texan, John spent a number of years living in Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois, where he cultivated an interest in and trained for a lifelong career as a luthier. He returned to Texas in 1991 and has been living and working in Austin ever since. After an extended tenure with Collings Guitars, he resumed work on his own line of acoustic and electric guitars. Within a few years, his guitar business outgrew the converted garage it was residing in. Now, Allison Instruments inhabits a small business park space about 10 minutes from downtown Austin.

Posted: 3/27/2014

Martin Guitars

On November 6, 1833, 179 years ago, C. F. Martin Sr., accompanied by his wife, Ottilie K�hle Martin; their son and daughter; C. F.'s father and C.F.'s brother-in-law, set on their journey to America. The family promptly set up shop at 196 Hudson Street in the German section of New York City. From there, the long legacy of building Martin guitars began. Their 180th year commences in 2013. Hill Country Guitars is proud to be part of a legacy by carrying C. F. Martin guitars. We stock the Golden Era, Marquis, and Vintage lines.

Posted: 3/27/2014

Calton Cases

Calton Cases now available

Posted: 8/1/2013

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The Stores Front Room

Here are a few pictures of the front room of the store.(This is the old Wimberley Store. It is now closed.)

Posted: 6/13/2011

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